Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Plants for Your Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese fighting fish have a lung-like labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe in air above the water line and not just through the water. Because of this ability to breath above the waterline, Siamese fighting fish are often found in their natural habitat swimming in the shallower water between water plants, rising to the water's surface to feed on larvae and plankton.

What's in the bowl?

When introducing your Siamese fighting fish into a fish tank or fish bowl, it would be a great idea to create an environment similar to its natural habitat. In addition to the fact that a recreated natural habitat would be beautiful to look at, it will also help to keep the Siamese fish happy and healthy. All it takes is a bit of planning and then adding appropriate plants and ornaments into the Siamese fish's artificial habitat.

Choosing the siamese fish plants!

When recreating the Siamese's habitat you can choose between using plastic ornamental plants and real plants, which help generate oxygen in the water for the Siamese fish's usage. Here are a few tips on what plants you can safely in your aquarium for both you and your Siamese fish's enjoyment.

Plastic: Plastic plants offer many benefits. Whilst they do not produce oxygen for the water like natural plants do, they also do not create dirt. In addition, plastic plants do not decay anywhere near as quickly as natural plants. Plastic plants are easier to come by and a greater variety can be had. If you decide to use plastic plants for your Siamese's tank, make sure that you clean these every time you change the water.

Natural: One of the more common ornamental objects used in Siamese fish tanks, is natural water plants. There are many different kinds of water plants to choose from. Some types are more suitable for this breed of aquatic creatures than others. If you do decide to follow the natural plant route, it may be good start to ensure that these are actually aquatic and not poisonous to the Siamese fish at all.

The roots of natural aquatic plants usually grow downward into the water. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the roots. If these start cramping the Siamese fighting fish's movement due to its size or takes on a soggy brown look, you would be well advised to cut them back. If the plant looks as though it could be dying, it would be best to remove it from the siames fish tank altogether.

One of the possible choices for your Siamese fish is a plant called Chinese evergreen. Other plants you can use include philodendrons and the ever-popular peace water lilies. Philodendrons are ornamental plants that are usually found in swamps or river banks. There are quite a few varieties of philodendron to choose from. Another safe plant that may be used for your Siamese fish tank is the photos plant. The photos plant is usually found in terrariums and fish aquariums and is ideal for indoor setups because it does not require a lot of light. The water sprites and java fern plants are also other acceptable plants you can use in your Siamese fish's recreated habitat.