Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fighting Fish Feeding

Which choice of Siamese Fighting Fish Food is Right for Your Fish?

Siamese fighting fish are one of the more sought after fish species admired, collected and bred by fish aficionados. They are usually kept as pets because of their colourful bodies and impressive fin shapes. The most popular betta fish is the Siamese Fighting Fish. Siamese fish grow to an average length of two and a quarter inches (five and a half centimeters) in captivity and come in a multitude of bright colors. Siamese fish are classified as Gourami and part of the Osphronemidae family of fresh water perciform fishes.

They are labyrinth fish that can survive in fairly shallow water due to their ability to obtain oxygen both from the air and the water. Siamese fish are a hardy bunch that can survive in smaller and less-than-ideal conditions when compared to other aquarium fishes.

What goes in!

Similar to other fish that are kept as pets, Siamese fighting fish need to be fed with the correct quantity of nutritious foods on a regular basis. Siamese fish are carnivorous. They feed on zooplankton, water-bound insect larvae and mosquito larvae in their natural habitats. The zooplankton and larvae are replaced by daphnia, bloodworms, and brine shrimp for those Siamese fish raised and kept in captivity. One of the more popular Siamese fish food is the Combination Betta Pellets. These siamese fighting fish food pellets are essentially a mixture of common fish food such as bloodworms and mashed shrimp meal to which special vitamins are added. This combination boosts the immune system, promotes longevity and enhances the Siamese's beautiful, bright colors.

Other siamese fish food should be offered to these aquatic pets too to introduce variety, additional nutrients and much needed fiber to their diets. Siamese fish can sometimes be fed minutely chopped veggies which are substantially high in protein, such as green beans, soy beans, corn, broccoli and carrots.

They like a good variety!

Siamese fish often fare better when provided with a wider selection of different foods. The reward is in the eye of the beholder through a show of richer, brighter as well as deeper shades and hues in the fish's appearance. Another advantage to be had is that Siamese fish following a varied diet of high protein and high fiber foods, will heal much faster when fin damage is inevitably sustained than those Siamese fish following limited variety, low fiber and low protein diets.

Siamese fish have upturned mouths. In their natural habitats, Siamese would feed on larvae and plankton at the surface of the water. For this reason, foods with the ability to float on the water's surface will probably be the best choice.

How often do you feed them?

Siamese fighting fish feeding should be done between one and two times a day and only in amounts that can be consumed by the fish within a few minutes. Do not over feed your Siamese fish as the left over food will cause a higher than normal bacterial concentration, thus putting your Siamese fish at a greater risk of bacterial diseases and infections. Feeding your Siamese fighting fish some live black worms every now and then or even some live shrimp can be very healthy, as long as this is done in moderation.