Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fish Senses


A Siamese fighting fish vision is monocular, which means that it can see in two directions at the same time. Overall, the Siamese's eyesight is somewhat poor. To detect vibrations and get an overall feel for its surrounding, Siamese fish use a "lateral line," which runs down their sides.


The anatomy of the Siamese's ear is fairly simple, consisting of a single channel. Essentially, a Siamese fish hears vibrations that occur around it and travel through water. The swim bladder also plays a role in hearing by interacting with sensory parts within the ear.


Taste buds are located in the mouth and, believe or not, in the fins!


Yes, a Siamese fighting fish can smell! Siamese fish smell through their nostrils, although the process of "smelling" is separate from the Siamese's respiratory system.

The Labyrinth Organ

This is a special organ that processes oxygen from the air. It is highly valuable as Siamese evolved in waters with low oxygen content. It is located within the head just behind the gills.