Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fighting Fish Tails & Physical appearance

Another thing that distinguishes different Siamese Fish from each other is the type of tails that they have. They are listed below.

Siamese Fish Tails

Pic of Halfmoon Siamese Fish Tail
Pic of Halfmoon Siamese Fish Tail

Comb Grooves at the end, not as pronounced
as the Crown
Crown Distinguished spiky grooves at the end
Delta Elegant, very long finnage, rounded
Double Two lobes of equal size with appearance
of being split
Fuse Extremely rare fusion of the caudal,
dorsal & anal fins
Halfmoon Very rare rounded tail that is
stretched 180 degrees
Heart Partially fused twin caudal fin
Round or Fan Small to medium in size with pronounced
rays that lead up to the end of the tail
Short Finnage that is small
Single Common one-lobed
Veil Most common

Betta Fish Types - Physical Appearances

Pic of Siamese Fighting Fish (Crowntail)
Pic of Crowntail Siamese Fighting Fish

Banded Round tail, small fins
Goldish color
Banded body, greenish splotches
Brunei Rounded tail and small fins
Green border around anal and dorsal fins
Body Color - gold, pink and/or white
Green pectoral fins
Edith's Round tail
Short fins
Female - orange with dark spots and white spots
Male - brighter orange with dark spots and light spots. Light spots are greenish/blue
Emerald Round tail and large fins
Bright green body with black web design
Pectoral fins are reddish
Foershi's Round tail and short fins
Female - pink and orange with dark spots
Male - orange with greenish spots on body
Mouth brooding Round tail and small fins (sometimes pointed tails)
Colors vary greatly
Painted Round tail, small fins
Gold in color with 3 stripes running horizontally down body.
Green border around fins
Peaceful Round tail, long pectoral fins
Dark body with bluish marks
Edge of tail fin is red
Bluish/Green stripes on tail
Pearly Heart shaped tail
Short fins
Female - bronze with dark spots
Male - lighter bronze, green on fins, dark stripe from eyes to fins
Sarawak Small, round tail
Short Fins
Siamese Fighting Fish Most common pet Betta
Caudal fin has different shapes (round, heart, split, etc.) and is long
The anal fin can be short or very long
Color ranges greatly
Slender  Heart shaped tail and short fins
Female - dark spots on tail and fins
Male - green highlights on body and fins
Tessy's Pink and orange
3 stripes, dark
Greenish fins