Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Ideal Water Conditions for a Siamese Fish Tank

Water in a siamese fish tank needs to be changed regularly. Although proper filtration keeps the tank water clean and pure, it does not take away trace elements such as phosphates that accumulate in the water. Fresh water also replenishes the potassium, zinc, calcium and iron that had been depleted from the existing water in the tank.

When to change the water in a siamese fish tank:

Under normal conditions the water in the siamese fish tank should be changed either once a week or once every two weeks. Do not change all the water at one time - this is likely to cause more harm than good. Replacing 10% of the water weekly or 15 to 20% every two weeks is just right. Smaller amounts of water changed frequently are much better than large amounts of water changed rarely. The reason for this is that large amounts of fresh water change the chemistry of the existing water, resulting in additional stress on the fish.

How to change the water in a siamese fish tank:

Vacuum the gravel to remove all leftover food that will decay and cause pollutants like phosphates and ammonia. Pick up every decoration, and vacuum under them, being extra careful not to suck up any siamese fish. If your filter system is under the gravel, then you should vacuum more frequently to prevent the formation of nitrates. Now would also be a good time to scrape off the excessive algae from the glass and also from the various decorations. It is important to use an absolutely clean, non-abrasive and soap-free brush or sponge that is kept exclusively for the purpose of cleaning the tank.

Bearing in mind how much water you intend changing, measure out the proportionate amount of water conditioner you will require and keep it handy. Unplug all electrically connected heaters, filters and lights. As you siphon the water off, collect it in a measuring bucket or container. Once you've siphoned off the required volume of water, replace all the decorations that were taken out for cleaning.

How to refill the siamese fish tank:

You would be well advised to pre-fill a container of water at least a day or two prior to the water change in order to allow for the chlorine to dissipate. If you have not done this and will be using water straight from the faucet, first allow the water to run for a few minutes to decrease the concentration of copper from the plumbing. Bring the water temperature as close as possible to the ideal tank water temperature; place a heater in the water if necessary. Add all the conditioners to the water and gently pour the water into the tank. Do not forget to maintain a log, and record all details for future reference.

Temperature of water in the siamese fish tank:

Ideally the temperature of the water in the siamese fish tank should be maintained at 75-80°F (24-27°C). Siamese Fish can tolerate moderate temperature changes without any adverse effects. But the key word here is 'moderate'. It is important that dramatic, rapid changes in the temperature of the water should be avoided. The temperature should also not be consistently too low or too high. Siamese Fish adapt well to slow temperature changes as long as these do not place them outside their comfort zone.